Other Products

At Adelaide Plasterboard Centre, we stock more than just plasterboard, insulation and metal products. We stock a wide variety of other trusted brands to ensure our customers are always well-stocked. Some brands we stock include:

  • James Hardie
  • Tape Pro
  • AMF
  • Koala Screws

Plasterboard we stock at Adelaide Plasterboard Centre


GTEK Ceiling Plasterboard comes in a variety of thicknesses and suits the needs of many residential buildings.


GTEK Wet Area Plasterboard is best suited for any area where there is consistent water usage.


GTEK Fire Plasterboard is used in fire-rated systems, consisting of single or multiple layers of sheets to provide fire protection.


GTEK Impact Plasterboard is ideal for high-traffic areas where the walls are subjects to regular stress.

Other Plasterboard Products at APC

Along with plasterboard products, we stock a lot of other related products. If you’re interested in what we have to offer at APC, please contact us here. We take great pride in providing high-quality, client-first service. We look forward to dealing with you at our Adelaide office.