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Features of GTEK Wet Area

The revolutionary GTEK Sound is a must-have for both residential and commercial applications with its impressive 10mm and 13mm thickness options. This high-density board provides the perfect solution for noise reduction, making it an ideal board for those seeking a serene and peaceful living environment. Whether it’s keeping the noise from your neighbours at bay or ensuring your sound system doesn’t disturb others in the vicinity, the GTEK Sound has got you covered. With its advanced properties, this board maximises sound insulation, giving you the best acoustic performance possible. With the GTEK Sound, you can say goodbye to the disruptive sounds of a noisy environment and say hello to enhanced living comfort. Get your hands on GTEK Sound and experience the benefits firsthand!

GTEK Sound comes in both a 10mm and 13mm thickness and is used in commercial and residential applications.

A high-density board, the GTEK Sound is an ideal board for those wanting quiet living environments.

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